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Wallace Protection Systems has formed a strong partnership with SlowStop® Guarding Systems for the distributorship of their product range in the UK & Ireland. Offering a suite of products/systems, SlowStop® will provide you with the strongest surface fixed protection available in todays market.

Rebounding Bollards – The strongest surface mounted bollards available

Horseshoe Fence Systems – Vehicle & Pedestrian applications with maximum stopping power

Flexible Polycarbonate Guardrail – Forms a flexible but virtually unbreakable barrier system

Column Protection – High strength with patented rebounding technology

Rack End Protectors – Suitable for warehouse & manufacturing facilities

With SlowStop® we can offer individually tailored solutions to suit your project specific requirements. We also offer a full inhouse design,
supply and installation service, so why not put your safety in our hands and let us assist you with your bollard/barrier requirements for your next Car Park
or Industrial project.

If you require any further information on our products and services, then please contact a member of our sales/contracts team who will be ready to deal with your enquiry.

44 (0) 2838 322719 12 Toberhewny Lodge Lurgan

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About Us

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