Type 1 IronFlex Horseshoe Bollard

Industrial Horseshoe Guarding

The horseshoe bollard consists of two rebounding bollard bases with steel pipe and IronFlex elbow connectors to create a tandem bollard. This is ideally suited to protect confined areas and areas where horizontal protection is needed.

Horseshoe bollards create twice the stopping power of a single Type 1 rebounding bollard. This unit will protect against accidental impacts without the need to constantly repair the bollard or re-pouring concrete foundations. Installation is in less than an hour without the need to core existing concrete. Steel pipe is pre-cut to suit your needs and
coated Safety Yellow.

Standard units are 59 cm tall x 106 cm wide on center-lines. Custom sizes are available.

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SKU SS-T1Y-59-HS-106

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Color:RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow with RAL 9003 Black Connectors

Diameter:76,1 mm

Overall Height:63 cm

Product Weight:34,5 kg

Energy Absorption:7.546 joules @ 45º Impact

Temperature Rating:-40°C to 70°C

Pipe Coating:Outdoor Powder Coat RAL 1023

Cast Iron Coating:Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Electrocoat + Powder Coat

Set Screws:M12 X 1,75

Anchor Screws:Eight (8) M14 x 130 mm





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