SlowStop Type 1 Rebounding Steel Bollard

Flexible 76.3mm Diameter Rebounding Steel Bollard

Protect pallet rack, equipment, vehicles, and pedestrians from damaging collisions with this incredibly strong surface mount bollard that absorbs energy and rebounds to its original position without damage.

Ideal for light applications such as pallet jacks, electric carts, light fork trucks and low speed passenger vehicles, this flexible steel bollard is 100 cm tall and stops 3,000 kg at 3.7 kph (1.620 joules) without suffering damage. Great for automotive applications, too!

The Type 1 Bollard kit comes with everything needed to install a single rebounding SlowStop® bollard, including anchors. Bollard pipe is undercoated then finished with a durable yellow powder coat and black cap.

Reduce damage. Stop repairing and replacing bollards and concrete foundations. Facility maintenance and safety has never been easier.

Custom heights and color are available.

Further technical information including AutoCAD formats can be found in our Resources section under Technical Specifications. BIM files and Spec Wizards are available at our SWEETS.COM page.

Product comes with a Two Year Warranty: view

SKU SS-T1Y-100

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Color:RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow

Diameter:76,1 mm

Overall Height:100 cm

Product Weight:18 kg

Energy Absorption:3240 joules

Temperature Rating:-40°C to 70°C

Pipe Coating:Outdoor Powder Coat RAL 1023

Cast Iron Coating:Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Electrocoat + Powder Coat

Set Screws:Five (5) x M12 X 1,75

Anchor Screws:Four (4) M14 x 130 mm





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