IronFlex Column Protectors

The Strongest Column Protection Available

SlowStop introduces the industry’s strongest line of steel rebounding bollard column protectors using our patented rebounding technology. Four times stronger than a single bollard, when impacted this guard flexes and returns upright. Don’t wrap a column with a cushion that still allows energy to be transferred to your critical structure and hide damage. Protect it with the market’s strongest line of column protectors.

The typical Type 2 column protector can absorb over 21.000 joules of energy during a 90 degree impact, enough to halt a 10 tonne vehicle at 7,4 kph. Installs in about an hours without coring large holes into your concrete. Also available in Type 1, Type 2.5, and Type 3 to meet your exact needs.

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Color:RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow with RAL 9003 Black Connectors

Diameter:101,6 mm

Overall Height:60 cm typical

Product Weight:Varies

Energy Absorption:18.328 Joules - 145.946 Joules at 45° Impact

Temperature Rating:-40°C to 70°C

Pipe Coating:Outdoor Powder Coat RAL 1023

Cast Iron Coating:Environmentally Friendly Water-Based Electrocoat + Powder Coat

Set Screws:Varies

Anchor Screws:16 - 32





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