Handicap Parking Bollard Sign Post

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Handicap Parking Bollard Sign Post


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Complete 4” Handicap Parking Bollard Sign Post

Create a resilient handicap parking bollard that is strong enough to eliminate traditional wheel stops.

This 4” Bollard kit comes complete with a rebounding metal bollard and signpost, HDPE sign, and brackets, and anchors.  Merely Install on a cement page, provide the cement to pour inside the steel bollard and forget about damaged sign posts and vehicles.

Incredible rebounding bollard technology will prevent damage to the sign and vehicles as well as surrounding concrete.

Further technical information can be found in our Resources section under Technical Specifications.

Also available with van accessible sign face and without placard (with brackets) as a plain sign-post.  Product comes with a Two Year Warranty.

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I can't believe how quick and easy it was to install a SlowStop® bollard. All I needed were tools we already have and I was done with two bollards in less than 30 minutes.

- Ed Weber