FlexRail Polycarbonate Guardrail End Cap

Optional Guardrail End Cap

All new from SlowStop® is the FlexRail Polycarbonate Guardrail that attaches to SlowStop® bollards to create virtually unbreakable barriers. The flexible material can withstand 110 kN of force without any permanent deflection and will return to its original shape impact after impact. The FlexRail is recessed to allow overlapping of multiple lengths and its lightweight allows for easy installation; it can even be used to form curves. The SlowStop FlexRail comes complete with hardware for attaching to SlowStop® bollards.

End Caps attach to standard 4m sections of SlowStop FlexRail to provide an end impact zone in the most likely direction of travel. Female end caps attach to recessed side of FlexRail Guardrail. Male version attaches to straight ends.

Product comes with a Two Year Warranty: view


Specifications Downloads Videos Installation


Color:RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow


Overall Height:350 mm

Product Weight:3 kg

Energy Absorption:2,928 Joules @ 90º Rail Impacts

Temperature Rating:-40°C

Pipe Coating:N/A

Cast Iron Coating:N/A

Set Screws:N/A

Anchor Screws:Varies





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