6” SlowStop Pedestal Base Kit

Rebounding Bollard Base without Pipe.

Pedestal base kits are the starting point for any custom SlowStop system. This is where the energy absorption technology lives. Insert pipe to this base to create whatever guarding you can imagine. Whether for a galvanized or stainless steel bollard, or custom welded guard, this frangible base prevents damage to your concrete floor and absorbs energy upon impact. Can be used to retrofit existing rigid guards to rebounding technology if pipe sizes are compatible.

Pipe required is an ANSI schedule 40 nominal 6” pipe, which has an outside diameter of 6.63”.

Please call us if you need additional information about adding your own pipe to the SlowStop system.

Further technical information can be found in our Resources section under Technical Specifications.

Product comes with a Two Year Limited Warranty. view


Specifications Downloads Videos Installation


Color:RAL 9003 Black


Overall Height:10.2"

Product Weight:97 pounds

Energy Absorption:12,900 Joules

Temperature Rating:-40°F

Pipe Coating:N/A

Cast Iron Coating:Environmentally Friendly Water-Based KTL Coating + Powder Coat

Set Screws:Six (6) M16 x 2.00

Anchor Screws:Eight (4) 5/8" X 5-1/2"





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