76,1mm / 3” Tee

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3 Inch Modular Tee Connector

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3 Inch Modular Tee Connector 3 Inch Modular Tee Connector 3 Inch Modular Tee Connector Elbow Pedestrian Safety Fence


76,1mm / 3” Tee


$99.00 US


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Tee Connector for Type 1 (3”) Pipe

The SlowStop® connector system allows you to build fencing and cross posts without the need for welding pipe.  Simply slide the pipe into the connector and tighten the special set-screws.  Multiple bases connected and used together greatly increase the stopping power of the SlowStop® System.

Note: 3” pipe is ANSI 2.5” Schedule 40 2.88” OD.  ISO pipe is 76.1mm x 5mm.

Product comes with a Two Year Warranty.

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"SlowStop Bollards are designed to be very low maintenance with very low life time cost. They are competitively priced when compared like for like with cast iron bollards."

- Eric Salez