The Effectiveness of Bollard Covers

Posted by webmaster | 03 March 2017

We’ve often been asked if we can provide our SlowStop® Bollards in various colors and differing heights. We pride ourselves on quick product delivery, so it doesn’t always make sense to attempt to stock every color and possible height a customer might want. Instead, we’ve added a line of plastic bollard covers to our most popular rebounding bollard kits that provide additional benefits to simply painting our steel bollards.

In addition to being able to easily select the color and height of your bollard through the use of a bollard cover, maintenance is greatly reduced. Annual painting of scratch or rusting bollards becomes thing of the past. Indeed, corrosion to the steel pipe portion of a bollard is even reduced over the long term due to the protection afforded by plastic bollard covers.

We chose to use Ideal Shield™ bollard covers as our cover of choice because of the superior quality of their 1/4” bollard cover. SlowStop® is designed to be a permanent solution to your bollard headaches, and as such we didn’t want to provide a cheap bollard cover that might wear too quickly. The Ideal Shield bollard cover is a sturdy, durable design, made of a UV resistant HDPE and molded in a single piece.

Covers are available pre-fitted for our 4” and 6” OD steel rebounding bollards. Standard covers will raise the height of the SlowStop® Bollard kits from 42” to 60” for the 4”, and 66” for the 6” bollard. Of course this can easily be reduced by simply cutting off some of the bottom of the bollard cover, although the domed top will always add several inches to the standard 42” height.

Our covers come in ten standard colors:

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Grey
  • White
  • Black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Brown

Custom colors are even possible, however please consider that additional lead time will be needed and minimum quantities may apply.

Covers can be quickly installed by applying the provided special foam tape around the bollard and slipping the cover over the steel pipe. No other hardware is required, however if you would like to secure the cover to the bollard, one or two self-tapping screws added at the bottom of the cover is a simple solution.

A light blue bollard color is also available to add to our that matches the “handicap blue” color of the standard disabled parking legend.

For more information on our bollard cover or our rebounding steel bollard products, please call 1-800-736-5256.

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