Protection Against Heavy Airport Vehicles

Posted by slowstop | 08 August 2020


St. Louis Lambert International Airport


Behind the scenes at every airport is a scurry of motorized vehicles making everything come together for a seamless trip. One of those is the baggage tug, capable of towing up to 40,000 lbs at a time. They are heavy and can cause serious damage upon impact. St. Louis airport was at risk with a 10” water pipe, a main-feed line for the fire suppression system, right in the path of the baggage tugs. The vulnerable pipe presented a huge risk, and having taken several impacts already, they needed to find a solution to protect this main water line. One such solution included placing a concrete barrier on the corner of the pipe, however after only a few weeks they had noticed that the concrete barrier had been struck and actually moved towards the inner wall of the facility. This option did not only fail to protect the pipe, it caused an additional risk of damage to the inner wall.


Still in need of a permanent solution they turned to SlowStop. Using a 6” SlowStop Bollard, and opting to go to the height of 60” vs the standard 42”, they found that the better visibility and stability of the SlowStop bollard made for a perfect solution, leaving the pipe secure from future impacts. Within only few weeks of using SlowStop they found an immediate improvement and are thrilled with the SlowStop results.


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