Parking Bollards Help Ensure Parking Lot Safety

Posted by slowstop | 06 June 2017

Parking bollards help prevent accidents in parking lots across the United States. Installing them is one of the most effective steps lot owners and managers can take to ensure safety on the properties they are responsible for. These bollards can take one of three different forms, depending on local needs:

  1. Rigid bollards - these are permanently mounted into the lot’s substrate. Their purpose is to provide an unyielding barrier against vehicle owners that try to park or drive in unauthorized areas. They are usually made of steel, filled with concrete, and painted bright colors, such as yellow, to make them more noticeable. These are among the most common parking bollards found in the United States due to their strength and low maintenance requirements. However, they embedded types cannot easily be relocated to meet changing demands. There have been advances in surface mount bollards that are stronger than traditional welded plate bollards.

  2. Retractable bollards - these can be raised or lowered as needed during particular events or times of day. When not in use, they drop into pre-drilled slots buried in the ground, and are then raised by manual or mechanical means when needed. These parking bollards are ideal for use in locations with changing layouts. However, their higher cost makes them unworkable for some organizations.
    (Photo courtesy of the University of Texas at Austin Parking and Transportation)

  3. Flexible bollards - these are used on an as-needed basis. They bend when struck by a vehicle, so they provide little deterrence to those who are determined to break the rules. However, their affordability makes them a perfect solution when parking bollards are needed for short-term use, such as during special events like community festivals or concerts. Their lightweight construction keeps them from damaging vehicles when struck while also safeguarding them from being damaged themselves.

Deciding which type of bollard is best for your location depends on factors such as budget, ongoing needs, and local conditions. Given their role in helping to ensure parking lot safety, however, some type of bollard is necessary for virtually any property where drivers park.

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