Gaining Peace of Mind with Traffic Bollards

Posted by slowstop | 06 June 2017

Traffic bollards are the most common bollards found today. They’re used both to guide traffic and to help ensure public safety. They accomplish the first objective by their visual presence, which alerts motorists to the need to follow a marked route or to avoid a prohibited area. They fulfill the second purpose by forming physical barriers, strong enough to stop an errant motorist or out-of-control vehicle from striking passersby.

Traffic bollards are often painted bright yellow or orange to make them more prominent when viewed against the surrounding landscape. To aid nighttime visibility, traffic bollards often have reflective tape affixed to them.

Benefits of Traffic Bollards

  1. Increased safety of city foot traffic – Bollards are used in many large urban areas to surround pedestrian islands. There, they act as physical barriers against misguided and out-of-control vehicles.
  2. Traffic calming – Several studies have shown that bollards cause motorists to drive slower and to pay more attention to their surrounding environment. This leads to fewer vehicular accidents of all types.
  3. Improved building access – Traffic bollards are also used to prevent vehicles from blocking entrances to buildings, by making it impossible for drivers to park too close to the entrance or for vehicles to park too closely together.
  4. Psychological assurance – The vast majority of vehicle-related accidents are caused by a small minority of drivers, who fail to operate their automobiles in a responsible fashion. However, traffic bollards act as a physical barrier between them and those who would otherwise be victims of their carelessness. This allows both pedestrians and conscientious motorists to breathe a little easier as they go about their daily activities. This enhanced level of mental comfort is far from the least of the many ways in which bollards benefit the public.


Traffic bollards play a vital role in today’s transportation systems. Their use benefits drivers, pedestrians, and bike riders in innumerable ways. For these reasons and more, urban planners should use them as integral components for helping to assure the public’s safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

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