Frangible, Impact Absorbing Bollards

Posted by slowstop | 06 June 2017

SlowStop® Rebounding Steel Bollards solve the problems building designers and property managers face when trying to protect buildings and assets without damaging foundations and creating costly repair scenarios. SlowStop® bollards are a unique surface mounted design that gives slightly upon impact, reducing damage to vehicles, foundations, and the bollards themselves. Easy to install and maintain, surprisingly strong, SlowStop® bollards offer superior life cycle value and even easy to replace modular components.

See a video demonstration of this remarkable new product HERE.

Parking Garages and Structural Concrete Buildings

Since the advent of pre- and post-tensioned parking garages, structural engineers have struggled with how to provide for utility, toll gate, and wall protection without the potential for structural failure. SlowStop® bollards are designed to be frangible at the base prior to anchor pull-out, allowing engineers to use various size SlowStop® bollards to block and absorb impacts in their structural concrete designs.

These bollards are an ideal solution for protecting assets and aisleways in structural concrete buildings. Read more about frangible bollards for structural concrete buildings at our off-page blog HERE.

Store Parking Lots

The rebounding SlowStop® bollard is an ideal solution for utility and asset protection in mall and box store parking lots. Damage to customer vehicles is decreased due to the energy absorbing action of the bollards, but also the bollards stay upright and provide a maintained look store owners desire. We also offer a 4” bollard signpost to create an attractive ADA compliant Disabled Parking sign. This provides the added cost advantage of eliminating the need for wheel stops, long a liability as a trip hazard.

Loading Docks and Warehouses

Heavy truck traffic at loading docks can damage even deeply buried embedded pipe bollards, requiring expensive repairs.

Our 6” SlowStop® Bollard is strong enough to stop an 80,000 pound truck at just under 2 mph without any damage to the structure. Use these for dock protection, stair guards, and corner turn protection. Our smaller bollards are ideal inside warehouses for the numerous problems maintenance managers face from fork lift damage to racks and equipment.

Learn more about how SlowStop® Rebounding Bollards can benefit your building designs HERE or call us at 1-800-736-5256. We offer a full suite of CAD Details, Three Part CSI Specifications, and can even provide guidance on anchor calculations.

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