Case Study… Strength and Dual Function

Posted by slowstop | 05 May 2020


UPS Gateway Facility,

Philadelphia Airport (PHL)


The nature of the gateway operations require lower guardrail to protect areas from tugs and dollies, that are much lower to the ground than a feeder, forklift, or package car and need protection at multiple points. Previous attempts to provide a protective guardrail failed to withstand vehicle impacts without breaking, bending or completely losing their integrity.


A SlowStop 4” FlexRail Double Guardrail system was installed. Andy Patrick, UPS Facility Engineer says it best, “This product has solved a major problem we have experienced in our facility for a long time. The nature of our gateway operation requires that we have lower guardrails around the facility to protect areas from tugs and dollies. These types of equipment are much lower to the ground then a feeder, forklift, or package car. The elevation of the single rail is too high, but the double rail acts as a handrail and a guardrail all in one package to offer superior asset protection.”


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