Pedestrian Safety Bollards

OSHA estimates there are about 85 forklift fatalities per year, 34,900 serious injuries and 61,800 non-serious injuries.  Protect plant personnel from the dangers of forklift accidents using the revolutionary new SlowStop® Bollard system.

SlowStop® Bollards gently absorb collisions using patented rebound technology then self-right, ready for another impact without looking any worse for wear.  The rebounding benefits of SlowStop® not only protect pedestrians, but also reduces damage to vehicles, bollards, and the potential for lost forklift load.

Installation is quick and easy, making SlowStop® less expensive to install and maintain.   With SlowStop®, should you ever need to repair a damaged bollard you can most likely perform the repair in just minutes without the need to completely remove and replace large sections of concrete.

SlowStop® Bollards install in just 15 minutes, without the need to create large core holes in your facility.  Using just a hammer drill and impact wrench, your on-site staff can likely improve the safety and appearance of your facility in no time at all.  SlowStop® Bollards are just as easily moved, allowing you to change your aisles and rest areas as your plant needs.

Available in sizes to fit the job, SlowStop® Bollards can even be joined together using our modular connectors to create pedestrian safety fencing.  Shop now to purchase everything you need to protect your employees and guests as well as eliminating the constant maintenance of your bollards and equipment.




Industry Products

3 Inch Rebounding Bollard Kit

Type 1 / 3” Diameter Bollard

76,1mm / 3” Rebounding Steel Bollard

4 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 2 / 4” Diameter Bollard

101,6mm / 4” Rebounding Steel Bollard

6 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 3 / 6.63” Diameter Bollard

177,8mm / 6” Rebounding Steel Bollard

4" Elbow Connector

Elbow Connector for 101,6mm / 4” Pipe

101,6mm / 4” Elbow

Type 2 Tee Connector

Tee Connector for 101,6mm / 4” Pipe

101,6mm / 4” Tee

Bollard Pipe Cross Connector

Cross Connector for 101,6mm / 4” Pipe

101,6mm / 4” Cross Connector

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