Parking Lot Bollards


Bollards are used throughout parking lots for numerous applications: protecting pedestrians, buildings and utilities, as parking barriers, as handicap sign bases, protecting security keypads and as a warning to numerous other hazards.  Parking lot bollards see the worst of drivers in a surprisingly hazardous environment and until now were merely large piece of pipe cemented or bolted into the ground.

Now there is SlowStop®.  A revolutionary bollard system that not only protects valuable assets from damage, but is simple to install, less likely to be damaged, and prevents injuries that can occur with common bollards.  SlowStop® bollards gently absorb collisions using patented rebound technology then self-right, ready for another impact without looking any worse for wear.  The rebounding benefits of SlowStop® make it safer vehicle occupants, reducing your liability and minimizing collision damage.

Installation is quick and easy, making SlowStop® less expensive to install and maintain.  With natural shearing, these bollards are ideal for post-tensioned concrete structures as well.   Due to modular design, should you ever need to repair a damaged bollard you can most likely perform the repair in just minutes without the need to completely remove and replace large sections of concrete.

If you have an existing lot, SlowStop® bollards can be added to potential problem areas where you are concerned with vehicle collisions, such as sharp corners, near utilities, or at pedestrian crossings.  SlowStop® bollards are also re-usable, meaning if you ever need to reconfigure your lot, simply unbolt and relocate the bollards.  No need to fill large core holes, either.  SlowStop® bollards can even be connected together using chains.

Check out our line of bollards made specifically to solve your parking lot problems.  Order today and you'll wonder why no one thought of this sooner!


Industry Products

3 Inch Rebounding Bollard Kit

Type 1 / 3” Diameter Bollard

76,1mm / 3” Rebounding Steel Bollard

4 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 2 / 4” Diameter Bollard

101,6mm / 4” Rebounding Steel Bollard

6 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 3 / 6.63” Diameter Bollard

177,8mm / 6” Rebounding Steel Bollard

Handicap Parking Bollard

Complete 4” Handicap Parking Bollard Sign Post

Handicap Parking Bollard Sign Post

Four Inch Horseshoe Bollard

4” Horseshoe Dual Bollard

4” Horseshoe Bollard (U Bollard)

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