Building/Equipment Guarding


Statistics on damage to facilities and equipment by forklifts and service trucks are staggering.  Every year billions of dollars are lost due to loss of productions, repair of facilities, and damage to product caused by such accidents.  On top of that, millions of dollars are spent installing guarding and repairing damaged and broken bollards designed to prevent these accidents.  Installing and maintaining plant guarding is a major headache for engineers, facility managers, and maintenance staffs everywhere.

Imagine if you could do the following:

  • Eliminate the hiring of outside concrete contractors
  • No longer need to rent coring equipment and buy expensive diamond tipped blades
  • Forget about excavation permits and shutting down of traffic aisles
  • Install during straight time hours in just minutes
  • Eliminate welding along with corresponding permits and fire-watch
  • Have your guarding pre-painted to eliminate the paint/dry cycle
  • Maintain the strength of steel guarding in a forgiving design


Today there is a solution that will quickly solve your problems:  the SlowStop® Bollard.  Designed not only to protect your facilities and equipment, but also designed for easy installation, flexibility, and resistant to damage.  SlowStop® Steel Bollards flex when impacted, eliminating the damage taken to the foundation and the bollard itself, while reducing the chance of injury to the driver and the possibility of a lost load due to sudden stopping.


SlowStop® Bollards install in just 15 minutes, without the need to create large core holes in your facility.  Using just a hammer drill and impact wrench, your on-site staff can likely improve the safety and appearance of your facility in no time at all.  SlowStop® Bollards are just as easily moved, allowing you to continue to protect equipment as your facility changes.

Available in sizes to fit the job, SlowStop® Bollards can even be joined together using our modular connectors to create fencing, u-shaped horseshoe bracing, column protectors, and protective barriers.



Shop now to purchase everything you need to protect your facility and eliminating the constant maintenance of your bollards and equipment.  Facility managers across the country have found a simple and inexpensive way to eliminate the damage caused by errant vehicles.

See our VIDEO PAGE to see more examples of SlowStop® Bollards in action.


Industry Products

3 Inch Rebounding Bollard Kit

Type 1 / 3” Diameter Bollard

76,1mm / 3” Rebounding Steel Bollard

4 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 2 / 4” Diameter Bollard

101,6mm / 4” Rebounding Steel Bollard

5 Inch Flexible Steel Bollard

Type 2.5 / 5” Diameter Rebounding Bollard

139,7mm / 5” Rebounding Steel Bollard

6 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 3 / 6.63” Diameter Bollard

177,8mm / 6” Rebounding Steel Bollard

Polycarbonate Guardrail

Virtually Unbreakable Guardrail

SlowStop Flexible Polycarbonate Guardrail

Four Inch Horseshoe Bollard

4” Horseshoe Dual Bollard

4” Horseshoe Bollard (U Bollard)

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