Whether designing a parking garage, street lot, commercial building, or industrial warehouse, specifying SlowStop® Bollards will ease your planning and reduce contractor coordination while providing increased lifetime value to your customer


SlowStop® Bollards are surface mounted yet because of their rebounding technology, offer the protection of embedded bollards, while reducing damage to vehicles and lasting longer.  Because they are surface mounted, delivery to the job site can be after concrete is complete, eliminating the need to coordinate and position the bollards with concrete contractors and obtain excavation permits.


SlowStop® Bollards are safe for post tensioned concrete structures due to their natural shear point.  The base of the bollard will shear before the anchors damage the concrete, eliminating concerns of structural failure.  Simply ensure the anchors do not penetrate tendons and the bollard will deliver years of value for your customer.


SlowStop® Bollards are ideal for:

  • Bay or Dock Door Protection
  • Building Corners
  • Utility Guards
  • Parking Lot Access Denial
  • Handicap Parking Bollards
  • Drive-Thru and ATM Lanes
  • Entry Keypad Protection
  • Airport Gate and Baggage Areas 

Follow these links for DETAILED SPECIFICATIONSour automated SPEC WIZARD and 3D MODELS.  Our specifying details are also found at the following resources:


SlowStop Bollards can also provide valuable LEED credits in the following categories:

  • Product is more durable or requires less maintenance than similar products
  • Product contains pre-consumer recycled content
  • Product is recyclable or biodegradable after use
  • Product contributes to LEED 2009 or LEED V4 credits, []
    • Indoor Environmental Quality
      • Low-emitting paints

Watch all of our VIDEOS to see how the rebounding technology of SlowStop® Bollards offers your customer unprecedented value.



For CE credits, we offer a free one hour course which covers the advantages of rebounding bollards at AEC Daily.  Click on the logo below to download the course.


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Industry Products

3 Inch Rebounding Bollard Kit

Type 1 / 3” Diameter Bollard

76,1mm / 3” Rebounding Steel Bollard

4 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 2 / 4” Diameter Bollard

101,6mm / 4” Rebounding Steel Bollard

6 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 3 / 6.63” Diameter Bollard

177,8mm / 6” Rebounding Steel Bollard

Handicap Parking Bollard

Complete 4” Handicap Parking Bollard Sign Post

Handicap Parking Bollard Sign Post

Four Inch Horseshoe Bollard

4” Horseshoe Dual Bollard

4” Horseshoe Bollard (U Bollard)

Polycarbonate Guardrail

Virtually Unbreakable Guardrail

SlowStop Flexible Polycarbonate Guardrail

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