SlowStop 4” / Type 2 Column Protector

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SlowStop 4” / Type 2 Column Protector


$2,495.00 US


Products ship out within 48 hours


For 12” Square Columns and Beams

SlowStop introduces the industry’s strongest line of steel rebounding bollard column protectors using our patented rebounding technology.  Four times stronger than a single bollard, when impacted this guard flexes and returns upright.

This 4”/101.6mm guard provides an amazing 10,668 joules of stopping power, enough to halt a 5,000 pound vehicle at nearly 7 mph (2,000 kg / 7.7 kph) without damage to the guard.  Installs in just hours without coring large holes into your concrete.

Also available in 3”, 76.1mm and 177.8mm sizes.  Call us to customize to your exact needs. 

When critical structures need protection, call SlowStop!

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I can't believe how quick and easy it was to install a SlowStop® bollard. All I needed were tools we already have and I was done with two bollards in less than 30 minutes.

- Ed Weber