Pallet Rack End Guard - 3”

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Protected rack - 3 inch

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Protected rack - 3 inch SS3Y-12-HS-45 Three inch rack guards Application44 Custom Rack guard Elevator Guard


Pallet Rack End Guard - 3”


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Guarding for Rack Ends

Specially designed for common pallet rack sizes, these horseshoe bollards protect your rack legs from damage while resisting damage themselves.  Use to avoid OSHA fines.

These are stronger than any welded bolt down guard and will prevent constant damage, maintenance and replacement.  Standard overall lengths of 34”, 36” 42”, and 48”.  Vertical height is 12” (center-line) from the ground.  The 3” guard is ideal for light fork truck and pallet jack traffic.  For heavier traffic, please see our 4” rack guard.

Call us for custom sizes as we can easily create a guard to fit your needs.

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So far we’ve installed several of the bollards and have been impressed with the durability. We will be installing the remainder in higher traffic, problem areas in the near future.

- Glenn A.