3” Horseshoe Bollard (U Bollard)

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3” Horseshoe Bollard (U Bollard)


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4” Horseshoe Tandem Bollard

The horseshoe bollard consists of two rebounding bollard bases with steel pipe and connectors to create a horseshoe bollard.  This is ideally suited to protect confined areas.

Horseshoe bollards create twice the stopping power of a single 3” rebounding bollard.  This unit will protect against accidental impacts without the need to constantly repair the bollard. Installation is in less than an hour without the need to core existing concrete.  Steel pipe is pre-cut and painted yellow, although the entire unit can be painted to match existing color schemes.

This unit is 36” tall and 36” wide.  Custom sizes are available.  Call today!

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"SlowStop Bollards are designed to be very low maintenance with very low life time cost. They are competitively priced when compared like for like with cast iron bollards."

- Eric Salez