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Frangible, Impact Absorbing Bollards


SlowStop® rebounding steel bollards solve the problems building designers and property managers face when trying to protect buildings and assets without damaging foundations and creating costly repair scenarios.  SlowStop® bollards are a unique surface mounted design that gives slightly upon impact, reducing damage to vehicles, foundations, and the bollards themselves.  Easy to install and maintain, surprisingly strong, SlowStop® bollards offer superior life cycle value and even easy to replace modular components.



Since the advent of pre- and post-tensioned parking garages, structural engineers have struggled with how to provide for utility, toll gate, and wall protection without the potential for structural failure.  SlowStop® bollards are designed to be frangible at the base prior to anchor pull-out, allowing engineers to use various size SlowStop® bollards to block and absorb impacts in their structural concrete designs.  With the us of post-tension anchors, we're able to meet IBC specifications for force resistance and provide you with a simple cast-in installation method.



Our bollards have been tested by TUV Rheinland TNO accredited test lab.  Each model is rated by the amount of energy it is able to absorb before reaching solid and becoming frangible.  Though quite strong, this breaking point allows for the installation of SlowStop® bollards in areas other bollards could not be, or would require shear bolts.  A simple replacement part should this ever occur, and the system will be ready to perform as if new.

Maximum rated kinetic energy @ 50mm impact height:

Type 1 (3" diameter): 1,621 joules / 1,195 ft-lb.

Type 2 (4" diameter): 2,667 joules / 1,967 ft-lb.

Type 2.5 (5" diameter): 7,000 joules / 5,163 ft-lb.

Type 3 (6" diameter): 12,934 joules / 9,536 ft-lb.



We offer a full suite of CAD Details, Three Part CSI Specifications, and can even provide guidance on anchor calculations.  Contact us today for help with any of your design needs.


 Bollard Anchors in Post Tensioned Concrete

Industry Products

3 Inch Rebounding Bollard Kit

Type 1 / 3” Diameter Bollard

76,1mm / 3” Rebounding Steel Bollard

4 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 2 / 4” Diameter Bollard

101,6mm / 4” Rebounding Steel Bollard

Four Inch Horseshoe Bollard

4” Horseshoe Dual Bollard

4” Horseshoe Bollard (U Bollard)

Handicap Parking Bollard

Complete 4” Handicap Parking Bollard Sign Post

Handicap Parking Bollard Sign Post

6 Inch Flexible Steel Pipe Bollard

Type 3 / 6.63” Diameter Bollard

177,8mm / 6” Rebounding Steel Bollard

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